Dr. Stefanie Wagner, LL.M.

Lawyer, Mediator, Supervisor


A lot of people have a conflict with their partners or with members of the family which puts a strain on them. Frequently encounters end up in non-constructive disputes.

In the case of such conflicts I offer a framework for discussion with mediation you to develop your own positive solutions for the future. I assist the partners in the conflict to formulate their own interests and needs and to explain them to the vis-á-vis.

Please find more information about the method on the homepage of the BAFM Bundesvereinigung für Familienmediatoren bzw. Des BM Bundesverbandes Mediation e. V..

Conflict as an Opportunity.

Legal Advice

In many cases of separation- and divorce, such as maintenance- or contact issues, custody and further matters of dispute legal advice and/or representation in court is reasonable. In these cases, too, I see it as my task to discuss your particular situation calmly and to find the best way forward for you.

Co-operative practice

If you are looking for an amicable solution but do not want to do without the support of a lawyer, I can also offer you the so-called "co-operative practice". In this procedure, each side has the support of a lawyer who is also a mediator. A coach can also be called in.

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The "mediation-analogue supervision" method, which I learnt from Hannelore Diez in 2005, is designed to work out the resources of the entire system and the individual in order to develop a wide range of options for action in the future.

In this way, a supervision session serves both for "mental hygiene", motivation for further work and, in concrete terms, for the supervisees to gain certainty about their needs and goals and the next steps they would like to take.


Conflict parties repeatedly say that the conflict might not have become so stressful if they had learnt the communicative techniques of mediation and the basic approach earlier.

I have therefore been offering introductory and in-depth seminars on mediation and related communication topics since 2003.

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Dr. Stefanie Wagner,
LL.M.Lawyer, Mediator, Supervisor

My professional development was not planned this way, but fortunately it has come together well for me. I can often transfer the various activities and the respective experiences from one area to another, so that the diversity ultimately also benefits my clients/mediators/customers and students.

I completed my legal exams and Master of Laws in Bonn, Pennsylvania and Munich. Parallel to my legal clerkship, I was able to complete a doctorate in labour law. I initially worked in a commercial law firm and in the automotive industry, but quickly realised that I was more interested in interpersonal issues.

That is why I have been working in my own law firm since 1999, specialising in family law. I also trained as a mediator at the Eidos Projekt in Munich in 1999 and have since attended numerous training courses on this subject. This was followed in 2005 by supervision training with Hannelore Diez IMS Munich. Since 2008, I have been teaching both legal topics and mediation at the Catholic Foundation College for Social Work in Munich. In 2013, I added training in co-operative practice.

I have also been able to contribute my knowledge on a voluntary basis as a mediator at the Office for Community Mediation SteG at Munich City Hall and until 2018 on the board of the MediationsZentrale München.

Our 3 children are now grown up and studying all over Germany. Mediations and meetings therefore take place in my “garden office building” in Harlaching.

It is also important to me that as many people as possible feel addressed by this homepage. It’s nice that life is colourful.

“It takes serenity to accept things I cannot change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to recognize the difference.”

(Slightly modified version of J.C. Oetinger’s quote.)


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